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Uvaggio: Vermentino



Variety: Certified organic vermentino grapes.

Vinification and aging: Harvested by hand. Maceration time depending on the years, in pneumatic press. Soft pressing and racking of the juice in low temperatures. The juice is then fermented at controlled temperatures in concrete and stainless steel vats. The fermentation is spontaneous adding pied de cuve from the vineyard. Finally it’s aged for 4 months. Clarified with bentonite and filtered. Sulfites are added to the wine.

Tasting notes

  • Color: Pale yellow with gold and light green hues
  • AL NASO: Intenso, complesso e persistente. Notes: Complex with hints of white flowers, fresh pears, summer peach, and ripe grapefruit finishing with an essence of Mediterranean sage & mint and light spice .
  • Palate: Fresh, full, sapid and well balanced . Il finale sapido è speziato e citrico


This authentic Vermentino is truly versatile, ideal with appetizers of all styles, seafood, pasta and light meat dishes. The complex flavors in this wine make an excellent compliment to spicy fare. Serving temperature 10°C-12°C .

Additional information

Weight 1.56 kg