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VermutFresco – Aperitif Wine


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Vermouth Fresco is perfect for those who want to offer a genuine and gentle appetite-provoking aperitif.
Artisanal at first taste in terms of ingredients and method. Tuscan rosé harmonizes with 9 herbal infusions
fresh lucchese. In fact, its special feature lies in the “fresh” infusion–without drying–of the herbs used.
The glass thus has delicate, ethereal aromas.
Color : Shades of pink, orange, ruby red.
Taste : Fruity and citrus notes; then bitter and aromatic tones can be felt
Of the herbaceous and shrubby parts of the body, finally persisting
the elegant woody notes. All supported by the rosé that accompanies and guides
tasting, marking the tasting and supporting the aromas.
Properties : Aperitivizing, tonic and digestive.
Alcohol content : 17% Vol.
Serving temperature : 6-10 °C, with ice.
Mixology : Its freshness goes incredibly well with fresh fruit juices. In classics such as Americano, it gives naturalness and authenticity.

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