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Gin Tosco The World’s First Gin in a Flask


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GIN TOSCO The World’s First Gin in Flask – The recipe is classic, in pure London DRY style
Local Artisan Liquors
Handcrafting of Botanicals and Natural Infusion

No added flavorings, preservatives or chemical dyes


GIN TOSCO The World’s First Gin in Flask
The recipe is classic, in pure London DRY style.
Botanicals are grown, harvested and infused on our farm. Gin Tosco is as unique as its production method, somewhere between a distillation and a percolation. This results in a delicately lymphatic, elegant and harmonious GIN. The resulting GIN Tonic has a pearly color and is extremely refreshing. Very pleasant even smooth. Available in 500ml and 1 Lt (over-the-counter) sizes
Color: Light straw color. Opalescent in the GIN-TONIC
Flavor: The citrus part is a trademark as is the herbaceous part, both from their own cultivation like Iris. Sweet at first impact, then balsamic and finally pleasantly bitter. Savory as a whole.
Properties: Aperitivizing, refreshing and digestive
Alcohol content: 38% Vol
Serving temperature: With ice and tonic. Smooth at Room Temperature
Mixology: Gives a Classic Gin Tonic with natural and genuine palate impact, which is rare in a GIN. Call to drink. Try it in combination with Sogno Bitter and Vermut Fresco for a 100% genuine, botanical Negroni. Mr. Liquor’s negroni
By not using ready-made flavorings and extracts, Mr Liquor liqueurs have an underlying delicacy that does not overpower the other ingredients in the drinks.
When paired with strong, classic Spirits, a higher dosage of our liqueurs may be advisable to mellow the final result.

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