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Arancello – Oranges to love


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Fresh oranges and herbs. The taste of an orange cut in half. This liqueur is a tribute to the secret corners of Lucca. Indeed, in its alleys it is not uncommon to find a beautiful orange plant, like the one in the little square of the same name depicted on the label.
Color : Deep orange with reddish tones.
Taste : Fresh, citrusy, bitter and spicy. Pleasant notes
pungency of the bitter orange.
Properties : Digestive, energizing, aperitif.
Alcohol content : 30% Vol.
Serving temperature : 0-10 °C.
Pairings : Excellent with fruit and chocolate ice cream.
Mixology : In mixing it gives a nice citrusy marking.
Ideal in addition/replacement to Triple sec or Cointreau

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