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Fabbrica San Martino and his vision of Biodynamics

Biodynamic agriculture

Through the use of biodynamic preparations of plant and mineral origin, instead of fighting diseases we trigger mechanisms to create health. In this way our products are, from a nutritional point of view, extremely richer and healthier since they come from lands in close connection with the environment.

As our farm is both organic (Bioagricert) and biodynamic (Demeter) certified, the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers is banned.

Biodynamic farming encourages a view of nature as an interconnected whole, a totality, where every element plays its specific role. Biodynamic’s approach is holistic as it aims at restoring and maintaining the natural balance between the soil and the sky. Therefore we try to prevent outside elements from altering the existing balance through the recycle of the organic material the farm generates.As we want to encourage biodiversity, we have different animals living together within the same habitat such as bees, cows and donkeys. Compared to industrial farming, biodynamic is not solely focused on the production, but rather on the preservation of the soil fertility and productivity.

We also recognize and strive to work in cooperation with the subtle influences of the wider cosmos on soil, plant and animal health. At la Fabbrica di San Martino we use biodynamic preparations

made from organic and mineral elements to revitalize the soil and generates healthier products, which provide deeply penetrating nutrition. Very pure products, which are an authentic expression of our work and love for our land!

Biodynamic farming is based on a close connection between the vineyard and the winemaker. Without any pesticides nor fertilizers, we cannot ‘pilot’ the production, so we have to look carefully at the soil and the plants to find out what they need. The vineyard guides us, not the opposite.

We use biodynamic preparations that are connections between the animal and vegetable kingdoms,

in specific moments during the year to energize and revitalize the soil: 500 Horn Manure, is used to increase the fertility of the soil; 501 Horn Silica, made of crushed quartz, is used to enhance photosynthesis. Both preparations are diluted in water, following the principles of dynamization and then sprayed on the soil and on the vines.

During the winter months we also use green manuring: an organic soil improvement method using a crop of mixed plants, which are harvested, investing the soil with nitrogen, organic matter and new life force. Our wines are crafted from premium hand-picked red and white grapes; we try to limit the use of trucks so as to reduce CO2 emissions and preserve the soil. Through biodynamic farming we do not alter the natural cycles of the vines, so our products are healthy, unique and typical.

When we bring the grapes in the wine cellar, they are pure expression of the minerality of the soil, the season and the varieties of our vines.

We want to preserve their unique characteristics, so we avoid the use of external,laboratory yeasts during the whole process. We only use our grape’s natural yeasts. The fermentation is completely natural; we do not tamper it with additives, such as clarifying agents. The wine is not filtered and the contents of sulphur dioxide are generally low. In this way, we preserve the ‘territoriality’ of our wine and the health of our customers. .

Biodynamic farming brings great intensity of flavour to our wines, which are never the same but change,

evolve from year to year; they are non-conventional, not standardized, as our territory. They have characteristics that are specific to Lucca. .